Publications (sélection)

Crole-Rees A. 2010
Evaluation participative: un alibi ? Le cas d'une évaluation participative au Mali.
Contribution aux Ateliers méthodologiques de la Société suisse d'Evaluation (SEVAL).
9 septembre 2010, Berne.
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Crole-Rees A. 2008
FAQ about change management in agri-food value chains.
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Guadagni M., Raiser M. and Crole-Rees A. 2005
Cotton taxation in Uzbekistan. Opportunities for reform. ECSSD World Bank Working Paper No 41. August 26, 2005.
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Brew-Hammond J. A. and Crole-Rees A. 2004
Reducing rural poverty through increased access to energy services: a review of the multifunctional platform project in Mali. UNDP, Bamako, Mali.
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Crole-Rees A. 2003
Integrating Sub-Sahara African small-scale horticulture producers in supply chains. Selected issues. Internal document.

Crole-Rees A. 2002
Rural household strategies: determinants and contribution of income diversification to income level and distribution. The case of Southern Mali. PhD thesis, ETH-Zurich, Switzerland.
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Crole-Rees A. 2002
"Visions alternatives sur l'accès aux marchées et les exportations agricoles des pays du Sud".
In : IUED. 2002. Dossier : Agriculture Suisse et mondialisation. Annuaire Suisse Tiers Monde, no 21. Geneva, pp. 39-48.

Abdulai A. and Crole-Rees A. 2001
"Determinants of income diversification amongst rural households in Southern Mali".
Food Policy. Vol 26. Pp: 437-452.

Crole-Rees A. and Burn N. 2001
"Technologie, équité et développement durable: la plate-forme multifonctionnelle".
In : Droz Y., Mayor A., Roost Vischer L. and Thévoz C. (2001) (Eds).
Partenariats Nord-Sud. Le forum suisse des africanistes, tome 3. LIT, Hamburg. Pp. 107-120.

Crole-Rees A. 2000
"Marketing natural dried fruits from low income countries: which way to go? The case of Malian dried mangoes". In: Alfödi Th, Lockeretz W. and Niggli U. (Eds). 2000.
Proceedings 13thInternational IFOAM Scientific Conference, 28-31 August 2000, Basel, Switzerland. Vdf, Zurich. pp. 530.